Friday 25 April 03:08

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Spanish arrest in British Gibraltar waters

The Guardia Civil took executive action in Gibraltar waters on Thursday morning, seizing an apparently tobacco-laden fishing boat and towing it to Spanish waters. Meanwhile, the RGP has poured cold water on Spanish press reports claiming the RGP had injured a Guardia Civil officer in the incident.... Read More

Government committed to new gas fuelled power station

The Government says it remains committed to a new, gas fuelled power station within the next two years. It’s reiterated its view that the GSD’s proposal was neither environmentally nor economically feasible and says it remains totally committed to providing Gibraltar with a power supply that is both resilient and effective.

Opposition criticise Government over focus on vanity projects instead of power generation

The GSD Opposition says the Government’s focus on vanity projects, such as the beautification of Number Six and Commonwealth Park, are jeopardising the Government’s ability to deliver the single most important piece of infrastructure the community needs – a dependable source of power generation.

New hours for Civil Service as of 5th May

Civil Servants will begin working the newly scheduled working hours on the fifth of May, according to a Unite Bulletin distributed to members. The two options available to civil servants are a straight-through, year-round 8 till 3.30 shift, or a day ending at 4.30, but with summer hours.

VIDEO: RGP appealing for witnesses over robbery

The RGP’s crime unit is appealing for witnesses to a number of robberies that have taken place this month. Officers investigating three robberies and an attempted robbery have arrested a 37-year-old local man and a 43-year-old local woman. The man, Charles Dylan Peire, of Victoria House in Alameda Estate has been charged with one count of robbery.

Benjamin Marrache says case has been mishandled

Benjamin Marrache has told the Supreme Court the multi-million pound fraud case, in which he's a defendant, has been mishandled and the only people who have won are the lawyers, accountants and advisors, who he claims have collectively billed millions of pounds. As a result, Mr Marrache says he fears there'll be nothing left for the creditors.

DPC approves GSM masts: Gibtraltar's 3G Network to improve

Gibraltar’s 3G network is set to improve after the Development and Planning Commission approved the erection of a number of GSM masts today. No masts have gone up for the last two years after the parties agreed to devised a long-term plan, but this freeze ended today.

GFSB calls for Government to find long term solution over power station

The Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses has called for the Government to finalize plans for a long-term solution to the issues caused by the old power station.

GRA publishes revised broadcasting code for European Parliamentary Elections

The Regulatory Authority has published a revised code of standards for television and radio programmes to be broadcast in connection with the European Parliamentary Elections on the 22nd of May.

Skin Cancer Screening Day on Saturday

The Primary Care Centre will be holding Skin Cancer Screening Day on Saturday. The initiative is being combined with their Sun Awareness Campaign, in the hope of educating people of the dangers of too much sun exposure and the need to look after their skin.

Solar Power Pilot Project at the Tercentenary Sports Hall

Solar thermal technologies have been installed at the Tercentenary Sports Hall, as part of a Government pilot project, in order to produce environmentally friendly energy. Flat plate collectors and tube collectors have been put in place to heat the water used in the Hall’s shower units.