Friday 31 October 09:34

GBC News: Top Story

Gibraltar granted second highest rating by OECD

Gibraltar may unilaterally ask the OECD to look at the Rock’s processes when it’s dealt with the areas that fall short of full compliance. Speaking to GBC, following the publication of the OECD Phase 2 peer review report on Gibraltar, the Chief Minister said we should not underestimate the huge value of being ‘largely compliant’ and who we’re largely compliant with. Fabian Picardo said legislation needs to make the jurisdiction compliant but not uncompetitive.

Spain rebuffs UK incursion complaint

Spain has reiterated its position that the waters around Gibraltar are Spanish, in response to the Foreign Office’s protest over the latest incursion by a Spanish research vessel into Gibraltar waters this week. This is according to the Spanish news agency EFE, and comes after an incursion by the Spanish state vessel, Francisco de Paula Navarro.

Picardo signs multilateral tax info exchange agreement with 50 countries

The Chief Minister has signed an Automatic Exchange of Information agreemement together with fifty other countries. Most of these countries were represented by their Ministers for Finance, including the UK’s George Osbourne.

GRA Code: Difference of interpretation results in no political representation on Viewpoint

GBC has withdrawn invitations to representatives of the Government and Opposition for tonight’s Viewpoint debate. It follows a difference of interpretation of the Regulatory Authority’s Code on Due Impartiality, Due Accuracy and Undue Prominence.

GSD gives details of election policy on contracts & appointments

The Opposition has given details of the policy it will be presenting the electorate at the next general election in relation to greater transparency and openness in the awarding of contracts and appointments into the Government. The GSD says it’s essential to ensure the confidence of the community is rebuilt with the introduction of a fairer system.

Government welcomes statement by GSD, that the party is against “jobs for the boys”

The Government says the GSD’s announcement that it will put items to tender is largely in keeping with the practice the Government introduced when elected. It adds the scoring system proposed by the GSD is already in use, and is not new.

Farrell steps down as Trust chairman

Outgoing Heritage Trust Chairman says the Trust has come back on the map again and is a significant influence and force in trying to preserve heritage in Gibraltar. Keith Farrell says it’s important to get involved early with developers in discussions concerning projects. He announced he would be stepping down as the Trust’s Chairman at last night’s Heritage Trust Awards.

Flags at half mast to mark the death of President of Zambia

Union flags were flown at half-mast today, to mark the death of President Michael Sata of Zambia. Mr Sata died in the UK aged 77. He had not yet completed his first term in office.

Local man sentenced to 12 weeks in prison for theft and burglary

A local man has been sentenced to 12 weeks in prison for burglary and theft offenses. In June this year, 21-year-old Angel Israel was arrested and charged with theft and fraud after stealing a family member’s iPad mini and iPod 5, and then selling the items to an electronic exchange shop on Irish Town for £120.

RGP prepare for Halloween

With Halloween coming up the Royal Gibraltar Police are preparing for their busiest night of the year. They will be taking a zero tolerance approach, to ensure an enjoyable Halloween for everyone. The RGP has been working closely with schools to curb anti-social behaviour on Halloween night.

UK Gibraltar Club visit the Rock

A group of people with strong connections to Gibraltar visited the Rock this weekend. The UK Gibraltar Club was founded in 1942 by Methodist British servicemen here during World War Two.