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The world's first Wikipedia City

Author: GBC

Date: 18 July 2012 at 02:48

Gibraltar has become the world’s first Wikipedia City. At a press conference on Wednesday morning, Minister for Tourism, Neil Costa, delivered a presentation on the online Gibraltarpedia project.

Gibraltarpedia involves a multi-lingual online Wikipedia pack on the Rock’s rich flora, history and culture. The idea for this project came from local Wikipedian, Tyson Lee Holmes, who read about the first Wikipedia town in Wales. Monmouthpedia is a comprehensive Wikipedia page-based record of its own cultural heritage. Professor Clive Finlayson has since been working with the Tourist Board and with Wikimedia UK to make Gibraltar the world’s first Wikipedia City.

The articles will be written by a mix of locals, academics, historians and Wikipedians from around the globe. Minister for Tourism, Neil Costa, said the project would revolutionise the way we narrate our culture and demonstrate our cross-section of different communities in a virtual way.

It's estimated that nearly 500 million people a month will have access to all this information on Gibraltar. The process of creating WiFi hotspots on the Rock is underway and Gibraltarpedia applications will be available for download on smartphones. This will make the articles accessible to visitors at different tourist attractions. 

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