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No extra floors at Government estates

Author: GBC

Date: 18 September 2012 at 01:25

The beautification of Government Estates will proceed, but without the extra floors originally planned.

In July, the Housing Ministry announced a major programme of the refurbishment and improvement works to Laguna Estate, Glacis Estate and Moorish Castle Estate. This included re-cladding, window replacement and the provision of defined individual clothes drying areas. It also included a major lift-installation programme in Laguna and Moorish Castle estates.

As part of the plans, the Government said it would build an extra floor in each of the buildings at the three estates, which would create 200 new flats for rental.

However, the initiative seems to have been unpopular among current residents and representations have been received from tenants associations.  

In answer to GBC questions, the Government issued a short statement on Friday announcing that it has taken these views, and those of the Development and Planning Commission, into account. It has therefore taken the decision to proceed the refurbishment works without the extra floors.

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