Friday 27 March 00:26

Nicky Ryan

Nicky Ryan

Nicky Ryan forms part of the Spanish language team. You can hear her every other Friday from 2pm till 4pm, or frequently reading the 2 o'clock news.

Nicky is very excited to be a part of the Radio Gibraltar family. She says: "My first contact with a real radio personality came when I worked at the Consumer Protection Office. During my two-year stint there, I had the privilege of working alongside the “legendary” David Hoare, which was a blast, as you can imagine. Now I find myself following in his footsteps, while I juggle my family life (I am married with three children) with radio presenting. I’m not what you would call a shy person (I am a Taurus after all), but I must admit that I was pretty nervous when I started out. I felt like a trainee pilot overwhelmed by the headphones (or cans as we like to call them) and all the lit-up buttons. These days, however, I am far more in control and look forward to the day when I graduate to “pilot”, as I am a bit of a perfectionist.


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