The Corporation

GBC is an independent, statutory, publicly-funded corporation providing television, radio & online services on The Rock of Gibraltar, focusing primarily on community affairs and entertainment.

A board appointed by the Gibraltar Government exercise their function as “governors” ensuring all broadcasts adhere to the directions enshrined in the Broadcasting Act of 2012. Among other issues, this specifies that programmes are not offensive and remain politically impartial at all times. The Board also oversees the Corporation’s finances.

GBC’s Management team comprises of Paula Latin who is the Head of Television; the Head of Radio, Ian Daniels; the News Editor, Christine Vasquez; and the Chief Engineering & Technology Officer, Philippe Harding.

The team of broadcasters employed by GBC are committed to providing the best possible television and radio programming within the resources available. In our desire to achieve this, we always welcome your opinions on our television and radio programmes, as well as on this website. Please send us your views, whether positive or negative, to: