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15th April 2019, 20:30

​£1.2 million in Government Sports and Culture grants handed out for 2018/19 period

Over 1.2 million pounds has been given in Sports and Culture grants by the Government over the past year.

Over £850,000 of this was given for the hosting of Special Sports and Leisure Events, with nearly £300,000 going to the Professional Darts Corporation.

Grants listed on the Government website for the hosting of Special Sports and Leisure events in 2018/19 include over a quarter of a million pounds to the Chess Tournament. £100,000 went to the Backgammon Association, in which the Minister for Tourism, Gilbert Licudi represents Gibraltar as a player.

A list of grants given to local Sporting Societies for the same time period shows a total of over £145,000. With the Government handing nearly £35,000 to the Basketball Association.

Cultural Grants totalled over £169,000. £20,000 of that figure went to the Gibraltar Philharmonic Society for ten concerts to promote classical music on the Rock. Almost £13,000 was granted to the Gibraltar National Dance Organisation for dance workshops and international events.

A full list of the Sports and Culture grants in 2018/19 can be found on the Government's website.