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31st August 2023, 21:09

150 'Hoppy' e-scooters placed at a number of locations across town

Published by GBC News

Late Wednesday night, 150 e-scooters were placed at a number of locations across town.Readied for the big launch.

As from Thursday the e-scooters can be rented out with users paying an unlocking fee and a per minute fee.

The fleet of scooters belong to Hoppy. A start up which is working with local partners. Hoppy already provides E scooters services in cities across Belgium, Spain and Greece.

The start up came up with the idea for the rental e scooters to help solve declining air quality, reduce traffic congestion and parking problems.

Hoppy, dream of a world where all cities have safe, green, free flowing streets.

The E scooters which can be found at varuous points across Gibraltar, are locked. They require the creation of an account to be unlocked and used. It’s all controlled with an app.

The E scooters come with a helmet and a helmet lock facility as well as geofence technology which controls how fast the scooters can be ridden.