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9th June 2021, 19:23

£1500 fine for man caught tuna fishing without licence and out of season

A man has been fined £1500 for fishing without a licence and out of season.

Jorge Gomez Garcia was caught with a 50kg Atlantic Bluefin tuna last September.

When officers approached his vessel, south of Europa Point, the fish was on the water surface.

Though the defendant claimed he was not fishing for tuna in particular, the hooks that he was using were for tuna fishing.

He pleaded guilty to both charges and admitted he was ultimately responsible for the death of the fish.

Stipendiary Magistrate Charles Pitto said that taking into account the substantially sized tuna and the hooks used he would fine him £1000 for fishing without a licence and an additional £500 for doing so out of tuna season.

According to local restaurants, bluefin tuna sells for around £10 per kilo, meaning Gomez Garcia has been fined three times more than what he would have made selling the fish.