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22nd September 2022, 14:46

18 year old sentenced to 20 weeks in prison for Library Ramp burglaries

Published by GBC News

A local teenager has been sentenced to 20 weeks in prison for burglary.

The sentence relates to two incidents this April.

In the first incident, 18 year old Ben Brown broke into to a building on Library Ramp by repeatedly kicking the door.

Once inside, he forced entry into four separate businesses, stealing over £600 in cash and causing over £4000 in damage.

The Magistrates’ Court heard the Calpe Road resident’s arrest was a result of DNA analysis on a lighter recovered from the crime scene.

After he was charged, Brown pleaded guilty to the offences, and received a 16 week sentence.

The second incident took place a week later in the Lovers Lane area. Members of the public reported they had seen a man acting suspiciously.

Officers then found Brown in a nearby carpark and caught him throwing a tyre iron on the floor. A search of the area also revealed a pair of socks and a baseball cap.

He subsequently pleaded guilty to the offence of going equipped to steal, and was ordered to spend four weeks in prison.

Both sentences will be served consecutively.