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4th February 2021, 19:27

First look at excess deaths - 78% increase in three month period to January 2021 compared to previous 10 years

The three months to January 2021 have seen a 78% increase in the total number of deaths in Gibraltar, compared to the average for the same three months in the previous 10 years.

This information is based on figures provided by the Government at GBC's request.

January was the deadliest month, with 89 deaths recorded. The average number of deaths in the month of January over the previous decade was 31. 2021 saw an increase of almost 187%.

The 10 year local average for deaths in November, December and January combined works out to be 74 deaths over the 3 month period. This winter, the same period has seen 132 people pass away. This is an increase of 78%. 

The winter of 2017/18 saw 100 people dying on the Rock between November and January, with 2012/2013 seeing just 55 for the same time period.

The UK has seen a similar trend in death increases. As reported in the Financial times, there have been over 100,000 excess deaths since the pandemic began. Excess deaths are the number of deaths over the average amount recorded in previous years for the same time period.

This year in Gibraltar, January saw 70 Covid related deaths alone, and was described by Chief Minister Fabian Picardo as harrowing. He said it was the worst loss of Gibraltarian life in over 100 years.

Death statistics provided by Government at GBC's request