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30th July 2020, 19:55

​300 attend Unite-led walkout at St Bernard's Hospital

Around 300 people took part in a Unite-organised walkout outside St Bernard’s Hospital today, with representatives from both the NASUWT and GGCA also in attendance. In a statement, Unite said fear and mistrust were causing low morale amongst health workers, with an increasing focus being placed on punishing staff rather than supporting them and improving the level of care.

Specific mentions were made by organisers of the approach by Clinical Governance, the handling of bullying investigations, and of concerns about the outsourcing of some services.

Iain Triay Clarence first put it to Unite Regional Officer, Sam Hennessy, that Clinical Governance is a system by which the GHA improves its quality of service and ensures high standards and asked him if this were not something any modern health organisation should pursue.