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12th November 2015, 18:06

33 point lead for GSLP Liberals over the GSD in Chronicle opinion poll

Published by GBC News

According to a Gibraltar Chronicle opinion poll, the GSLP Liberals now have a 33 point lead over the GSD, although 34 percent of the electorate is still undecided on how it will vote on election day. The results of the poll follow the trend with a GBC opinion poll two weeks ago revealing similar figures, although it appears that the GSD has narrowed the gap somewhat.

The Chronicle’s sample was taken from 620 respondents in different districts around Gibraltar, and carried out face to face over four days.

30 percent of respondents said they didn’t yet know how they would vote, whilst 11 percent said they would abstain. From the remaining voters, 39 percent said they would vote for the GSLP Liberals, and 20 percent for the GSD. Removing the undecideds and abstentions, this leaves the GSLP Liberals at 67 percent and the GSD at 33.

The Chronicle’s poll results are very similar to GBC’s poll from two weeks ago, which also reflected a large number of undecided and abstaining voters. In Fact, with GBC polling undecided figures at 30 percent and abstentions at 10 percent, the figures are virtually identical.

The newspaper quoted the GSLP Liberal Leader, Fabian Picardo, saying he believed face to face interviewees are ordinarily reluctant to give their voting intentions, whilst GSD Leader Daniel Feetham said he believed the large number of undecided voters would be casting a vote for his party.

The poll also asked if respondents thought an LNG power station and storage facility were safe. 49 chose not to answer, or said they didn’t know. Of the remainder, 51 percent said they weren’t satisfied on LNG safety, and 49 percent said they were.

Respondents identified health, electricity supply, education and employment as the biggest priorities at this election, whilst relations with spain and the EU, and urban development were at the bottom of the list.