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6th December 2018, 17:02

37 people currently being treated for HIV in Gibraltar

There are currently 37 people being treated for HIV in Gibraltar, with three diagnosed in the last year. This includes local residents and cross frontier workers. GBC asked the Government for these statistics as Gibraltar marked World Aids day recently.

In answer to questions, a Government spokesperson said whilst HIV no longer commonly kills and can be controlled, it is better to be aware of the disease and have treatment, than not to know and potentially become seriously ill or die.

The Government says there have also been 46 new cases of Chlamydia, 18 new cases of Gonorrhea and one new case of Syphilis diagnosed on the Rock in the past 12 months.

A Well Person Unit opened in October which offers confidential sexual health screenings and contraceptive advice, however, the GHA also encourages the public not to take risks and to practice safe sex. 

The statistics are provided by the Government and do not include figures from private health clinics.