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12th January 2018, 20:40

40 Spanish regions analyse potential impacts of a "Hard Brexit"

Around 40 Spanish regions have analysed the potential impacts of a hard Brexit, raising concerns to the EU Commission of the Regions over tourism, investment and agriculture.

This according to El Pais, which sets out the areas of greatest interest to eight autonomous regions. The Basque country highlights the automotive and aerospace industries; Castilla-La Mancha cites the loss in EU funds from the UK; and Andalucia focuses on the frontier with Gibraltar.

This week, British and Spanish officials met to discuss the effect of a future Brexit deal on the Campo de Gibraltar. News agency EFE quotes Spanish sources saying “special attention” was paid to the rights of La Linea citizens; the sources claim the aim is to advance “bilateral negotiations” over Gibraltar’s situation, in parallel to the wider Brexit picture.