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13th January 2021, 19:53

42-year-old man arrested after climbing onto roof of Convent to raise awareness for homeless people

A 42-year-old was arrested after climbing onto the roof of the Convent to raise awareness for homeless people.

The UK national appeared to use a nearby scaffolding to climb atop the Governor’s residence.

The man held a sign saying "Shelterwise - helping the homeless". He said more help was needed for homeless people.

The Royal Gibraltar Police cordoned off the area and put traffic diversions in place.

The Defence Police and a team of paramedics were also there, as was the Fire and Rescue Service, who arranged for a hydraulic crane to be brought to the scene.

Police officers climbed on to the roof where they attempted to talk the man down.

Eventually he did, but not before traipsing across the Convent's roof and ringing the bell at the King's Chapel.

The man was arrested for obstructing Police, making disturbances and breaching the Civil Contingencies Emergency Coronavirus Regulations.