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6th April 2021, 19:29

​60,000 vaccine doses administered in Gib so far

The GHA has administered over 60,000 doses of vaccine so far.

The overall uptake in Gibraltar is currently around 85% - surpassing the 70% goal the Government had been aiming for.

The figure is 97% in the over 60s bracket.

GBC has put several questions to Government on vaccines over the past month.

On whether the Government considers there to be any infringement of civil rights for those denied entry into a venue without being vaccinated, it said at the moment, it has been a requirement in limited circumstances, to access hospital and ERS for patient safety. The boxing and football events, which are being tested as pilots, were not organised by the Government and it will consult with the Director of Public Health on the way forward.

The Government says there are 3,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine remaining with the next supply imminent, although numbers in this shipment are still to be confirmed.

Of the total Vaccinations given out so far, the Government confirmed that 4107 1st doses and 2371 2nd doses have been given to cross-frontier workers.

Number Six said it wants as many people as possible protected and anticipates that the majority of the vaccination programme will be completed by the end of May, after which time only a small number will receive a jab.

Currently, the GHA is vaccinating cohort number nine (which includes cross frontier workers) plus finishing younger people’s second doses.

The Government told GBC only a very few were not able to be vaccinated due to medical reasons. Those who are pregnant can choose to have their shot after they have had their baby. A small number who were unable to receive the Pfizer vaccine have had the AstraZeneca one instead.

Regarding complaints from UK Nationals who claim to have been denied the vaccine, the Government confirmed that everyone living in Gibraltar is entitled to the jab, irrespective of their nationality.

Number Six said People with UK passports are not permitted to travel from Spain to Gibraltar to be vaccinated, but adds, no- one will have been ignored as the vaccine is offered to everyone resident in Gibraltar.

However, proof of residence is required to ensure that the GHA complies with the criteria set down, with the onus on the individuals to demonstrate that they satisfy this.

The Government stressed it has been provided with the vaccine by the UK to inoculate classes of citizens identified and agreed with UK. It says it is not able to inoculate persons who are outside those classes.

Those who have not been able to receive the vaccine can email the GHA’s Medical Director on roy.piri@gha.gi or call him on 20007014