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13th February 2018, 18:06

86% of teachers don't feel consulted on education reforms, says GTA survey

86% of teachers surveyed do not feel that there has been enough consultation with them over key issues including the relocation of new schools.

This according to a survey conducted by the Gibraltar Teachers Association in January, the results of which have just been published.

The survey received 216 responses, which represents 57% of teachers in Gibraltar. The first part has been published, and reflects teachers’ opinions on infrastructure, resources and consultation - by the Government - with teachers over the new schools project.

76% of teachers surveyed believe their school buildings are not fit to teach in, and are not good for pupils. 62% of respondents feel they are not provided with the resources they need to be able to teach effectively. The Union says these findings support the Government’s decision to build more schools and refurbish existing ones. A further finding reveals 91% of teachers surveyed believe school buildings do not have adequate temperatures throughout the year.

The survey reveals 86% of teachers don’t feel there has been enough consultation on the relocation of new schools, and 79% of respondents don’t believe they’ve been consulted enough on the refurbishment of existing buildings. 

While the union’s committee believes this echoes its statements to the media last month, it acknowledges there has been more consultation in the last few weeks and that teachers are being actively engaged in the planning and design of the new buildings.

It has called on the Government to take note of the survey results.