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24th June 2016, 04:02

96 percent vote Remain in EU referendum; Gibraltar first to declare

Gibraltar has turned in a 96% vote for Remain in the historic referendum on whether the UK and Gibraltar should stay part of the European Union or leave.

46.5 million people were entitled to take part in the vote - 24,118 of them in Gibraltar. Of these, over 20,000 exercised their right to vote: the turnout in Gibraltar was 84%, with 19,322 voting Remain and 823 Leave. 

The first few hours of the count have seen an extremely close race, with Remain and Leave swapping places several times in the lead. 

Follow GBC TV and Radio Gibraltar, as well as the @GBCNewsroom Twitter account, for live coverage throughout the night. The UK is expected to declare its vote between 7-8am Gibraltar time.