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15th April 2021, 15:05

Government statement on Customs Union 'shocking' says GSD

The GSD says the Chief Minister's latest statement, that the Government does not have the 'freedom to choose to move in one direction or another', is a shocking admission, and confirms that joining a Customs Union is not a 'could' matter but a 'will' in the context of the Framework Agreement.

The GSD's Roy Clinton says the Chief Minister has admitted that the Customs Union is not something the Government or Gibraltar has the freedom to make a choice on.

He said this is a serious matter as all prior statements have highlighted it as merely an option in the Framework Agreement, but not a must.

In a statement, the Shadow Minister for Public Finance and Small businesses said if this is true, then all the Government is doing is tinkering around the edges as to what will be included in the so called bespoke Customs Union.

Given that Sir Joe Bossano has stated publicly that he is against joining the Customs Union, Mr Clinton asks whether the Government is being forced to accept the Customs Union as it was the Tax Treaty, because Spain demands it.

The GSD says it's unacceptable for the Chief Minister to consider the Customs Union as a given as this makes a nonsense of the work of the Treaty Liaison and Advisory Committee, and a mockery of Parliamentary oversight.