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14th October 2019, 15:39

Together Gibraltar vows to tackle Gibraltar's gender pay gap calling it one of the 'worst' in Europe

Together Gibraltar says it would tackle the gender pay gap in Gibraltar if elected into Government, adding that at 19%, it's currently one of the worst in Europe.

The party said other countries had closed the gap by introducing measures such as equal parental leave, flexible working hours, penalties for pay gaps and extra support for childcare.

Together Gibraltar said it would produce a clear and practical plan to close the gap, and stressed the importance of having more women in Parliament.

Together Gibraltar says it calculated the pay gap using the median income figures taken from the Government's 2018 employment statistics. The party said this doesn't just affect women but whole families too, especially single mothers. However, it adds the root causes of the gap are complex and involve issues such as career choices and social pressures.

Measures the Party would introduce to close the gap include making employers with over 25 employees publish their gender pay gap data. It would also increase the nursery allowance to six thousand pounds and tackle under-representation in the workforce by providing career guidance, vocational training and encouraging flexible working hours. Ultimately, however, Together Gibraltar says more women need to enter politics to bring these issues to the fore.

Together Gibraltar says the Equal pay day locally will fall next week on 23rd October: after this women effectively work for free, given that in comparison to their male counterparts they earn less. For more information on this issue and others, visit togethergibraltar.com