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15th April 2021, 15:06

​Action for Housing 'not surprised to hear the Minister for Housing say Government is satisfied with its housing record'

Action for Housing says it's not surprised to hear the Minister for Housing say the Government is satisfied with its housing record.

Reacting to comments made by Steven Linares, the group says it's inevitable when the Government has to justify a housing policy which fails to provide flats for rental to all those in need.

Action For Housing claims that by turning a blind eye to the most needy, vulnerable and least articulate, the Government thinks it can weather the storm and those affected will continue to suffer without complaining publicly.

However, the Group's spokesperson Henry Pinna, said it is determined to give a voice to the voiceless, and bring their appalling housing situation into the public domain.

Mr Pinna said the reality is that the demand for Government social housing is much higher than the supply. He says the only way to address this serious shortage is for the Government to construct more flats for rental - but adds this is something the Government refuses to do.

Referring to Mr Linares' statement, that applicants on the medical and social lists made up 35 per cent of allocated Government rental flats last year, he called on the Minister to explain why applicants who are high on the list have not been allocated property, with barely any progress in their position on the list, if at all.

Mr Pinna said the reason why Mr Khalil Lyaacoubi's case was made public was not so that Mr Linares could visit him, but to give a visible example of what he called the 'dreadful and shameful' housing reality that affects not just this applicant, but a considerable number of others. He said the Group will not allow these situations to be ignored, and will do what it can to highlight them.