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2nd September 2015, 20:50

Airport runway resurfacing works as from 11th September; severe traffic disruption expected

Severe traffic disruption is expected at Winston Churchill Avenue as from 11th September during the airport runway resurfacing. The project is expected to take around six weeks and is costing nine million pounds. It’s the first time the runway is being resurface in 23 years.

The runway works will be carried out fifty metres at a time and the work will be done overnight. The runway will re-open to traffic in the mornings, but a ‘sweep’ will be carried out by the Foreign Object Debris Squad every morning to eliminate any risk to planes landing.

This sweep will take place between 8.30 and 10 in the morning, and this will be causing disruption to traffic. The MOD is recommending motorists to factor this in to their daily commutes.

So who will be financing this project? Well, there was some controversy when the matter was first mentioned in Parliament last October – the Chief Minister said the cost of resurfacing would be shared fifty-fifty in future but not at this stage.

At the time however, the Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said this resurfacing would also be paid for jointly. The MoD won’t be drawn into comment at this stage.

The works will begin the day after National Day.