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6th April 2021, 19:51

​Andalucia back on Alert this week following rise in number of new Covid infections

Andalucia is back on Alert this week following a rise in the number of new Covid infections - almost four thousand identified in just three days over the Easter period.

But better news for the Campo de Gibraltar.

Despite an increase in the number of new infections for the province of Cadiz, the Campo de Gibraltar has managed to reduce its active caseload during the Semana Santa break.

Speaking at a Press conference on Monday, the president of the Andalusian regional government warned that statistics point to the start of a new fourth wave in the region.

Juanma Moreno however said tighter restrictions were not on the cards.

Mr Moreno says his region already has tough Covid measures in place - with Andalusia the only of the Spanish regions to maintain the ban on travel across provinces this Easter.

The Andalusian president also called on the Spanish central government to accelerate the distribution of vaccines.

He says that at the current rate, Andalucia will have forty per cent of its population vaccinated - by December!

But since the andluaisan president’s call on the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez this morning, made a statement. The Spanish premier says the vaccination program will speed up, and that up to 33 million citizens – that’s 70% of the Spanish population, will be vaccinated by the end of August!

The Andalusian Committee of Experts meets Wednesday with the Junta de Andalucia expected to announce its Covid Plan for the next few weeks on Wednesday evening.

Meanwhile, better news for the Campo de Gibraltar. Despite rising numbers in the wider Cadiz province, the Campo has seen its active caseload reduced - with only 46 new cases identified in the area this Easter.

While the Cadiz province has seen its incidence rate spike by up to thirty points during the Semana Santa holiday, the Campo area now reports fewer than 100 cases per 100,000.

Castellar has reported no new infections for six consecutive health reports - with the municipality now reporting zero cases per 100,000 inhabitants.