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19th April 2023, 19:01

Application for judicial review by two police officers involved in incident at sea which resulted in two deaths denied by Chief Justice

Published by GBC News

An application for judicial review by two police officers involved in an incident at sea, which resulted in two deaths, has been denied by the Chief Justice, Anthony Dudley.

The incident dates back to March 2020, when an RGP vessel collided with a Spanish RHIB outside of British Gibraltar Territorial Waters, resulting in the death of two Spanish men. The inquest saw a jury of nine return a finding of unlawful killing.

In a judgement handed down in open court today, Mr Justice Dudley dismissed all three of the claimants' grounds for review.

The Claimants, represented by UK Counsel Jamas Hodivala KC with Charles Bonfante challenged " Unlawful Killing' as the conclusion of an inquest into the deaths of Mohammed Abdeslam Ahmed and Mustafa Dris Mohammed.

On the 28th of February permission was granted for the officers' claims to be determined at a substantive hearing, which took place last July.

The interested parties, were the RGP, represented by Neil Costa with Julian Warwick, and Irene Campello Chicon for the families of the deceased represented by Chris Finch.

Both interested parties had resisted the arguments for Judicial Review. Costs are to be determined at a later date.