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21st July 2021, 15:37

Application to release migrant formerly on hunger strike denied at Court

An application to release a migrant awaiting deportation to Morocco has been denied by the Magistrate's Court.

Younes Guizrane has spent the last month on a hunger strike, to protest the length of his detainment, before breaking his fast last Friday.

The Morrocan national has been at Windmill Hill since January.

Today, almost six months since he's been there, his lawyer applied for his detainment order to be revoked by the court, arguing that Guizrane had been through a lot in prison and was in poor physical and mental health. Jeevan Daswani argued that the man had a place to stay until he is sent back to Morocco, and should not be kept in prison.

He is currently undergoing hospital treatment at St. Bernard's Hospital.

However, the prosecution argued that releasing the migrant following his hunger strike, would set a precedent for others currently detained at Windmill Hill. The court heard that there are 29 individuals currently at Windmill Hill awaiting deportation, largely to Morocco, although travel links to the country continue to present difficulties.

The court ruled that his detention and removal order would remain in place.