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25th November 2020, 18:37

Business Improvement District task groups says Government hasn't changed commitment to finance project on pound for pound basis

The task group involved in setting up the Business Improvement District in Main Street says at no point has the Government changed its commitment to finance the project on a pound-for-pound basis. The statement of support comes after a clash between the GSD and Government over the level of investment in the project.

The BID Task Group says as initially agreed, the Government will be supporting the development of the project in respect of all leisure, hospitality and retail businesses in Main Street and surrounding streets. However, it adds, as organiser of the project, the task group has since decided to extend it to include offices and other town properties. The task group says this was decided without the Government’s involvement, as it does not consider it to be an area for public investment as the beneficiaries will be private landlords and tenants.

The BID Task Group thanks the Government for its support, and says it looks forward to finalising the project in a way that doesn’t politicise something intended for the benefit of all.