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20th March 2017, 10:59

Bill published to create Law Commission to review legislation

A bill has published by the Government to create a Law Commission in Gibraltar, with one of its first tasks to review local sentencing laws.

The Commission will receive and consider, as well as formulate, proposals for the reform of the law. It will examine particular branches of the law: codifying it, eliminating anomalies, and proposing the repeal of obsolete and unnecessary enactments. A statutory body comprised of at least six professionals and experts, and including the Justice Minister and Attorney General, it will also provide advice and information to the Government on the reform or amendment of any branch of the law.

The Government says the creation of the commission aims to fulfil its 2015 manifesto commitment to further review legislation that has not been revised for some time. Justice Minister, Neil Costa, said one of the first projects the Commission will undertake is the review of sentencing laws to ensure they cater for the needs of Gibraltar specifically, rather than being tied to sentencing guidelines which have evolved for another jurisdiction. He added he looked forward to debating the bill’s merits in Parliament.