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15th December 2019, 17:52

​Boris Johnson planning 'revolutionary' cabinet reshuffle after Brexit to 'reshape' economy; Jeremy Corbyn expected to step down within two months

Boris Johnson will announce a mini cabinet reshuffle on Monday with a 'revolutionary' overhaul earmarked for February, once Britain has left the EU, the Times reports.

Ministers who have either resigned, or were not re-elected, will have to be replaced however, come February when Brexit is done, the knives will come out.

The Times reports the Prime Minister has drawn up plans to run a “revolutionary” government that will see up to a third of his cabinet sacked, and civil servants replaced by external experts in a bid to “reshape” the economy.

His “transformative” government will reportedly focus on the needs of the working-class voters who gave him a landslide victory last week. In this week's Queen’s speech, he is also expected to announce that he's enshrining in law, his government’s commitment to boost NHS spending by just under £34 billion by 2023-24

Meanwhile, following Labour's fourth election defeat in a row, candidates are being lined up to take over from Jeremy Corbyn. Among these, Sir Keir Starmer and Shadow Business Secretary Rebecca Long Bailey. 

Former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, who stepped down over the weekend, said the Labour Leader will also be gone in 8 to 10 weeks.