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15th April 2019, 15:15

Brexit Strategic Group to discuss contingency planning

The Government’s Brexit Strategic Group will meet tomorrow to discuss the degree of contingency planning for a no-deal Brexit needed from now on.

In a statement, the Government said the work in the lead-up to a no-deal Brexit has been very useful and will not be in vain, despite the recently-granted Article 50 extension. Deputy Chief Minister, Joseph Garcia, said it means Gibraltar is now better prepared than ever before.

The Government highlighted the work done by its six different Brexit groups, interdepartmentally and also at an intergovernmental level with the United Kingdom. It points out 24 technical notices have been issued so far for public information. It adds it’s held detailed briefings with a number of relevant stakeholders, including the Parliament Brexit select committee, the Leader of the Opposition, the Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Small Businesses and the Hindu Merchants’ Association.

Dr Garcia said the Government has been simultaneously preparing to leave the EU with a withdrawal agreement, and preparing for a no-deal Brexit. He said the volume of work has been intense, thanking all those involved in the public and private sectors.