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4th December 2020, 20:15

Brexit Talks are continuing in Brussels Monday night, in a final bid to reach a new trade deal

Brexit Talks are continuing in Brussels tonight, in a final bid to reach a new trade deal.

The Prime Minister has spoken to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen today. It was their second phone call in as many days.

Both have agreed to try and make a final push, after "significant differences" remained late last week.

And Monday afternoon, an olive branch was extended by the UK.

The British government has said it would drop the most controversial aspects of its Internal market Bill, if a trade deal is struck.

They have asked their chief negotiators to prepare an overview of differences. These will be discussed at a face to face meeting in the coming days.

Negotiating teams are trying to find an agreement, after they reported “significant differences” remained on Friday. The stumbling block - fishing and business rules.

The UK was prepared to offer a three year deal over fishing rights. But the EU was insisting on access to British Waters in perpetuity. Despite both sides wanting to strike an agreement, it’s not just the UK who is saying that no deal is better than a bad deal.

The EU too is under pressure from members to not give too much away.

France is threatening to use its veto. The EU’s Chief negotiator Michel Barnier Was reportedly very “downbeat” when he briefed EU Ambassadors Monday morning.

But Monday afternoon, the UK government offered a concession,

After it reported “good progress” in talks over arrangements at the Irish border. The UK said it would drop the most controversial parts of its Internal market Bill.

The Market Bill could be in breach of international law. With the European Commission to meet on Thursday,

The EU – UK negotiations have entered the endgame. The clock is ticking. The uncertainty remains.

Even at this late stage, it could really go both ways.