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12th July 2018, 14:48

Brexit White Paper on Travel rights to be published

A mobility framework for UK and EU citizens to travel to each other’s territories is part of a white paper on Brexit to be published soon, with the full support of Theresa May’s cabinet. The paper also includes a ‘common rulebook’ for goods traded between the UK and the EU, and a ‘combined customs territory’ at borders between them. The EU says it welcomes the paper, and looks forward to seeing plans in detail.

The white paper is a set of proposals for a deal with the European Union which will see the relationship going forward after Brexit. The agreement has not come easily, and has reportedly taken months of negotiations – and two senior resignations, before finally receiving cabinet approval.

The main item of interest to Gibraltar deals with the free movement of people between the UK and the EU, which will end after Brexit. In its place will be a ‘mobility framework’ which will allow citizens to move back and forth. It is proposed that a treaty be signed for continued harmonisation with EU rules which will avoid friction at the borders between the UK and the EU. Trade policy is to be overseen by Westminster, and the UK wants to be able to opt out of EU rules. However, the UK proposes to maintain a common rulebook for goods traded with the Union.

Speaking on BBC Radio’s Today Programme, the new Brexit Dominic Raab, said this was a credible and innovative approach to the technical challenge of leaving the customs union and at the same time maintaining trade relations.

The EU has welcomed the imminent publication of the white paper, but will still need to negotiate it with the UK before a final deal is reached.