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2nd December 2022, 19:43

British Ambassador to Madrid highlights need for ‘flexible mindset’ in ongoing negotiations for future UK-EU treaty on Gibraltar

Published by GBC News

The British Ambassador to Madrid, Hugh Elliott, has spoken about the need for a ‘flexible mindset’ in the ongoing negotiations for a future UK-EU treaty on Gibraltar.

He was speaking to the Chronicle newspaper during a visit to the Campo de Gibraltar on Thursday to talk to its mayors.

Last week, the mayors said they wanted to be closer to the negotiations, pointing out they do not sit in on them - like Gibraltar does - despite the fact the outcome will have an impact on 270,000 residents in the Campo.

Meanwhile, speaking from his office in La Linea, the Diario Area newspaper’s Pablo Gomez told GBC people in the Campo are not feeling confident about a treaty being agreed, fearing they will inevitably remain “at the back of the queue”.