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24th May 2023, 19:11

​Bruce & Jordan Martinez sentenced to 12 and 15 months for Waterport Road assault

Published by GBC News

A pair of brothers have been handed custodial sentences for an assault that took place in 2021 on Waterport Road.

Bruce and Jordan Martinez have been sentenced to 12 and 15 months in prison, respectively, for causing Actual Bodily Harm.

In March 2021, Bruce & Jordan Martinez assaulted a man causing him a laceration to his head and ear as well as bruising. The pair used a stick to assault the man and he needed hospital treatment. At the time, a video circulated on social media of the incident. There were two other unidentified individuals also present.

37 year-old Bruce Martinez has been sentenced to 12 months in prison, while his brother, 36 year-old Jordan Martinez has been sentenced to 15, as he breached the conditions of another suspended sentence at the time of this incident. Upon hearing the sentence ,a gallery full of family and friends of the brothers got emotional upon hearing their fate.

When the matter was first brought to court, the pair denied being present or involved in the incident.

They later described it as a case of self-defence and were set to go to trial just last month - but then entered guilty pleas.

Upon sentencing, Puisne Judge Liam Yeats said the brothers took a leading role in the incident and could not claim it was a case of defending themselves. Time served in remand will count towards their sentence.