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13th February 2018, 16:50

Burglary charges against juvenile withdrawn

Burglary charges against a juvenile were withdrawn by prosecutors, after Defence lawyer, Moshe Levy highlighted a series of delays which he labeled as “scandalous”.

The juvenile who was fourteen at the time of the alleged offence, has appeared in court six times, in the past eighteen months. At his last appeareance, Prosecutors again requested they needed more time, citing that the appearance of an expert witness was crucial. They also highlighted that the case docket had only been delivered to them and to the juvenile’s defence lawyer, two working days prior to the last appearance.

Moshe Levy who represented the juvenile, said that the “delays were scandalous”. He said, the child had not been in any trouble since the alleged offence, and was unable to move on with his life as a result of the constant delays.

After deliberating for three hours, the Justices of the Peace denied the Prosecution an adjournment. Mark Zamitt who represented the Crown, then withdrew all charges against the juvenile.