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23rd August 2021, 16:54

Caleta Hotel paves way for new Hilton

The Caleta Hotel is to be demolished with plans for it to be replaced by a Hilton Hotel. Subject to planning permission and final negotiations with the Hilton Corporation, the new hotel is expected to take three years to complete.

The Caleta will be closing on the first of January 2022. It currently employs around 70 staff, all of whom have been made aware of the situation today.

Speaking to GBC, Director Bruno Callaghan described the changes as bitter-sweet, recalling that his grandfather had opened what was then the Caleta Palace in 1964 with the hotel run as a family business ever since. He says the new project that will be brought about through Gibraltarian investment, is wonderful news for the Rock as it will be the second internationally branded hotel, after the Holiday Inn Express which opened its doors in 2018. Mr Callaghan added there's definitely a market for new hotels, with the local Holiday Inn Express, the first hotel to be built on the Rock since 1971, doing well against the competition last year and receiving an award for Best Property in Europe in 2020.

Furthermore, he states the investment by the Callaghan family will be significant and a major boost to the industry.

The Caleta boasts over 60 rooms and the new design will more than double capacity.