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12th November 2019, 20:35

Gibraltar MEP Caroline Voaden elected new leader of UK’s Liberal Democrats in the European Parliament

MEP for Gibraltar and the South West of England Caroline Voaden has been elected as the new leader of the UK’s Liberal Democrats in the European Parliament. She will also represent the Lib Dems in the ‘Renew Europe’ political group, which includes liberal/centrist political parties such as France’s En Marche.

In the European Parliamentary Elections in May, Gibraltar voted overwhelmingly in favour of the Liberal Democratic Party, who took 77% of the vote.

In a statement on Tuesday, Ms Voaden thanked her predecessor Catherine Bearder and said as long as we remain in Europe, she wants to carry on the important work the EU does to improve the economy and society in all member states, including Britain and Gibraltar.

Jo Swinson, Leader of the Liberal Democrat party across the UK said she is delighted that Caroline Voaden has been chosen as the new leader of the Liberal Democrat delegation. Ms Swinson said “The European Elections showed that the Liberal Democrats are the strongest party of Remain”, and she said the Lib Dems are the only national party campaigning to stop Brexit in the UK’s general election - which will take place in exactly one month.

Ms Voaden lives in the South West with her husband and two grown-up daughters. A former journalist for Reuters, she became active in politics after the 2016 EU Referendum. “I have always considered myself to be a European. I have lived and worked in six EU countries and have spoken five languages over the years. I became politically active because of the EU Referendum and will be fighting a strong campaign to keep Britain in the EU," she said.

“I joined the party to fight Brexit and I represent a growing force in British politics. The election of 16 Liberal Democrat MEPs in May 2019 is proof of our strength as the biggest, strongest party of Remain in the UK.

“We were elected on a mandate to stop Brexit and will do all we can to help our colleagues win seats right across the country on December 12."