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23rd February 2021, 12:23

Cassaglia appeal begins - former Medical Director claims Employment Tribunal bullying verdict impacted career and personal life

An appeal by former GHA Medical Director, Dr Daniel Cassaglia, has opened at the Court of Appeal, with the court setting out eight days to hear the case.

Dr Cassaglia is challenging an Employment Tribunal verdict which found the Health Authority liable for bullying, following an incident in September 2017 between Dr Cassaglia and an another employee of the GHA.

The appellant's defence team outlined the grounds for the appeal, claiming that at no point was it Dr Cassaglia's intention to assault the complainant in the initial case.

It was also said that, as an 'isolated incident', what occurred did not constitute bullying by the definition of the anti-bullying legislation in Gibraltar.

Further to these claims on the nature of what happened on the day in question, the court heard that the verdict had had a detrimental impact on his career and personal life.

Dr Cassaglia is expected to give evidence, after which he will face a cross-examination.