Inquiry wants Chief Minister to clarify why he has not disclosed personal messages after 2019 with James Levy KC
McGrail Inquiry - Govt Lawyer says loss of confidence was the reason former Commissioner retired
Sir Peter Openshaw: McGrail Inquiry team will make public when it has sent report to Government
Reasons behind Ian McGrail's retirement point towards political corruption, his lawyer tells Inquiry
McGrail Inquiry: Core participants present closing submissions before judge
Inquiry Chairman introduces closing arguments
Written statements & affidavits of witnesses before McGrail Inquiry are now on Inquiry website
​Thousands of daily streams reflect huge public interest in McGrail inquiry
McGrail Inquiry concludes hearing evidence - to return on 25th June for closing submissions
​Police Authority lawyer James Neish KC challenges Nick Pyle over his criticism of Ian McGrail’s appointment
McGrail Inquiry - Incident at sea could 'not be put right' says former Governor
McGrail Inquiry: Former Commissioner's Lawyer questions CM
Chief Minister Fabián Picardo gives evidence at McGrail Inquiry for second day
McGrail Inquiry - 'He lied to me, to my face, and in my office,' says CM
Chief Minister to give evidence for two days at inquiry into early retirement of former Police Commissioner
NSCIS report can't tell between 'legitimate activities or deliberate malicious system interference'
McGrail Inquiry: GPA Chairman says Governor & CM 'loss of confidence' prompted letter to former commissioner, but admits process was flawed
‘Like children who didn’t get on’: Britto on the Morello-McGrail relationship
Former Police Authority Chairman defends process to appoint Ian McGrail as Police Commissioner
Former Police Federation Chairman accuses Police Authority of not having ‘oomph’ to take on RGP
McGrail Inquiry probes Commissioner Ullger over missing data taken by former Commissioner
Police Commissioner Richard Ullger describes Ian McGrail as his best friend, 'a no-nonsense person who commanded respect'
Police Supt John Field was Gold Commander on night of collision at sea in which two Spanish men died
AG: nothing in criticism of police’s actions which amounted to interference in police investigation
AG accepts in hindsight CM / Commissioner interaction should not have taken place
Attorney General critical of Ian’s McGrail’s policing style
Inquiry Chairman questions ​AG over 'lack of action' after angry exchange between Chief Minister & former Police Commissioner
Attorney General says he didn't enter a Nolle Prosequi in Jan 2022 to prevent Chief Minister from giving evidence in criminal trial
McGrail Inquiry - Former advisor pointed AG to doctrines on 'independence' during investigation
AG tells McGrail Inquiry he felt 'betrayed' by former Commissioner
​McGrail Inquiry: Attorney General referred to RGP as 'payasos' after meeting with Ian McGrail in 2020
Lawyer for Ian McGrail tells UK media Gibraltar does not 'operate as a rule of law jurisdiction'
​McGrail Inquiry to meet publicly again on Thursday
McGrail Inquiry - 'Unorthodox' warrant execution attempt created problem, says DPP
Operation Delhi has featured strongly in the McGrail Inquiry but what is it? Here's our explainer
​Director of Public Prosecutions tells McGrail Inquiry he did not advise against a search warrant in Operation Delhi, as operational matters are for the police to direct
Hassans Head of Litigation probed by McGrail Inquiry on meetings with Chief Minister and James Levy
Head of Litigation at Hassans: clears old WhatsApp chats & says conversations with CM only go back to 2021
McGrail Inquiry: James Levy KC asked to explain missing WhatsApp messages to & from Fabian Picardo
McGrail Inquiry: Ian McGrail tells Inquiry national security platform 'severely assaulted', putting Gibraltarians at risk
Former Commissioner Ian McGrail tells Inquiry pressure for him to retire was 'relentless'
Ian McGrail tells Inquiry about moment he decided he wouldn’t be able to continue as Commissioner
McGrail Inquiry now available on catch up - Following change to rules, recordings now available
McGrail tells Inquiry he was 'threatened' by CM over Levy investigation
Chairman of Inquiry changes rules to allow people to rewatch proceedings on catch-up
Inquiry week 2: Ian McGrail becomes emotional as he recalls an angry meeting with the CM & the AG about Operation Delhi
Inquiry week 2: New witness added to schedule as Ian McGrail speaks publicly about his early retirement for the first time
McGrail Inquiry ends first week as Chair hears police bodycam transcript of discussion with Hassans senior partner James Levy
McGrail Inquiry - Op Delhi investigating superintendent says he was concerned about destruction of evidence
McGrail Inquiry: Inquiry examines first witness – former police Superintendent Paul Richardson
McGrail Inquiry: Lawyers for McGrail & Government parties fire opening salvos as opening submissions come to an end
McGrail Inquiry: Sir Peter Caruana says Interim Governor had genuine reasons for wanting McGrail gone
McGrail Inquiry: Lawyer for former Police Commissioner argues Ian McGrail was effectively forced out of his job; says 'all hell broke loose' after James Levy search warrant
Operation Delhi was not a factor in McGrail early retirement, says Police Authority
McGrail Inquiry: RGP lawyer Nick Cruz says Governor has no power to remove the Police Commissioner
McGrail Inquiry: Lawyer for former Supt Paul Richardson said ‘frustrating’ CM hasn’t recovered WhatsApps to & from James Levy
GSD questions timing of restriction notice briefing; Government says GSD putting party interests first
Man faces allegations of rape and false imprisonment
McGrail Inquiry: Counsel to McGrail Inquiry Julian Santos says this isn't a criminal or civil trial
​Government clarifies point on Restriction Notice scope
Government tells Opposition Restriction Notice schedule can only be revealed in confidential briefing due to National Security and Public Interest concerns
​Opposition says it’s been given an incomplete version of the Restriction Notice rendering it meaningless
Opposition Leader commits to publishing Inquiry Chairman's report in full if elected into Government
Cost of McGrail Inquiry to the taxpayer is £3 million and rising
​GBC will broadcast McGrail Inquiry from Garrison Library on television, radio & online from Monday morning
GBC correction and apology over mistaken reference to warrant in relation to Operation Delhi
​McGrail Inquiry: Chief Minister talks about managing conflict of interests under criticism from Leader of the Opposition
​Government should not censor public inquiry or resulting report, says Opposition Leader
​Government will 'very likely' restrict public access to evidence - 'a small set of facts' which have nothing to do with Fabian Picardo or Ian McGrail
McGrail Inquiry features in corruption episode of The Rest is Politics podcast
Vijay Daryanani says people 'rightly' questioning timing of inquiries legislation but argues we need to get through evidence before passing judgement
McGrail Inquiry explored in The Times one week before main hearing begins
McGrail Inquiry Team to ask core participants if they disagree with automatic application of new Act
Inquiries Bill: Together Gibraltar and Robert Vasquez express concerns
McGrail's lawyer, Adam Wagner, accuses Govt of having a restriction order 'ready to go' for when Inquiries Bill becomes law
Controversial Inquiries Bill set to become law
Inquiries Bill: CM says all governments need to keep sensitive information from hostile states, LOTO says Fabian Picardo "playing with fire"
Inquiries Bill: Transparency International call for UK Government to intervene owing to Chief Minister’s conflict of interest
Opposition calls on Government not to pass Inquiries Bill before McGrail Inquiry concludes
New legislation could be used to restrict evidence the public may be privy to at McGrail Inquiry
Appeal judges rule prosecution must prove intent for defendants to be found guilty of importation charges
Chief Minister says Inquiry is into McGrail retirement, not into corruption
Transparency International UK warns against any threat to the independence of McGrail inquiry
Government says it has no intention to use proposed legislation to stop or delay McGrail proceedings
Bill to give Government powers to suspend or end inquiries; Number Six has 'no intention' of stopping McGrail Inquiry
McGrail Inquiry ruling re Attorney General’s decision to discontinue a prosecution
McGrail Inquiry chairman clarifies how main hearing will explore relationship between former Police Commissioner & Police Federation