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1st October 2019, 19:11

Chamber of Commerce publishes full election wish-list 

The Chamber of Commerce has published its full election wish-list covering among other things: employment, tourism and the post office. This follows the Chamber’s President, Christian Hernandez, last week emphasising the importance of introducing e-government.

Employment is also a big focus for the Chamber, with the group calling for more to be done to stop illegal workers by deploying more labour inspectors. The group also wants the eradication of higher weekend pay rates for new employees, with the hope this would encourage businesses to open on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. The Chamber also believes in the creation of a fund to improve the high street, as has been done in the UK.

On Government finances- the chamber wishes for a continued commitment to reducing government arrears and the introduction of means testing for Government subsidies such as housing.

On Tourism, the Chamber recommends improvements to the taxi service, as well as the development of new tourism strategies, such as creating educational offerings for schools or giving more focus to attracting Asian and Moroccan tourists.

The wish-list also covers, amongst other things, the abolishment of duty for retailers and wholesalers, except on tobacco, alcohol and fuel, as well as the closure of the Cruise Terminal Duty Free Shop which it says is detrimental as it discourages tourists from coming ashore to explore.

They also say a parcel handling fee should be introduced for parcels coming through the Parcel Post in order to cover post office costs and stop the effective subsidies currently offered to internet purchases, at the expense of local businesses.