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31st January 2023, 21:09

Chamber of Commerce says it was not consulted on the law making it mandatory to recognise trade unions; Government disagrees

Published by GBC News

The Chamber of Commerce says it was not consulted before the introduction of a law making it mandatory for businesses to recognise trade unions.

It says it wishes to correct a statement by Government Minister Steven Linares claiming there had been detailed consultation.

The Chamber says for its part there was none.

The organisation representing businesses has previously said the legislation is unnecessary and too heavily weighted in favour of trade unions.

The Chamber says Gibraltar needs to remain a competitive jurisdiction in every respect and one which is attractive to business.

Government says meetings held with Chamber & their views affected changes to new law

In response, the Government said meetings were held with the Chamber on this subject, their views were received orally and in writing and that those views affected changes which the Government made to the legislation.

The Chamber's written feedback was on a draft of a Bill that was the basis on which the regulations have now been finalised.

The Government also points out the GSLP-Liberal election manifesto promised this law and the vast majority of the voting public (by a ratio of two voters to one in 2019) effectively voted in favour of such a law.