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20th October 2019, 21:43

Chief Minister demands answers after Spanish 'Proteccion Civil" car is driven into Gibraltar

Published by GBC News

The Chief Minister has expressed deep concerns over how a Spanish "Proteccion Civil" car was allowed to be driven unchallenged across the frontier into Gibraltar on Sunday. 

A viral video shows the vehicle on Governor's Street with the RGP at the scene. Fabian Picardo said he is asking all relevant bodies to explain how this has happened and to ensure it does not happen again. He described the incident as unacceptable adding "Our systems have failed today and they must not fail again". The Chief Minister said someone must take responsibility.

In answer to GBC questions the RGP has confirmed the incident happened at around 17.10. The police received a report that the Proteccion Civil vehicle had been seen in Gibraltar. A response team found the car parked in Governor's Street. The Spanish uniformed officers in the car were taken to New Mole House for questioning but were later escorted to the frontier. The Police say they were compliant at all times. An investigation as to how car the car was allowed to enter Gibraltar is ongoing.


For its part, the GSD described the unhindered entry of the Spanish Proteccion Civil vehicle as "inexplicable", adding the circumstances need to be fully investigated.

The GSD Leader said the incident can have been 'no accident' as the vehicle, which was manned by uniformed Spanish officers, deliberately drove into Gibraltar through normal land frontier checks. Keith Azopardi described this as "unacceptable" adding lessons need to be learned in order to ensure it does not happen again.

The GSD has called for the Government to set a clear timetable for an investigation and to publish the results.