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23rd November 2022, 20:56

Chief Minister has been exploring business and tourism opportunities in Morocco

Published by GBC News

The Chief Minister has been holding conversations with various entities in Morocco.

In response to questions in parliament yesterday, Tourism Minister Vijay Daryanani said the Chief Minister had been exploring business and tourism opportunities.

Pressed by Opposition spokesperson for Tourism, Damon Bossino, for greater detail, the Chief Minister intervened and said he could not provide this as it was not in the public interest to do so. 

The Business Improvement District project also came up, with the confirmation that law firm Isola's were paid over £14,800 in respect of the conduct of the independent ballot.

The Opposition questioned where the BID Project was at - if Government would consider a fresh ballot, and how long the Moratorium would last.

The Chief Minister said it was a blank canvas to allow for all possible solutions

Opposition Spokesperson Damon Bossino pressed on the progress of conversations between the Tourism Minister and airlines. Particularly, Eastern Airways and Wizz Air.

Vijay Daryanani warned Mr Bossino to be careful about which statements he made publicly.

Health Minister Albert Isola confirmed the GHA was carrying out a space utilisation review. He said for now, the hospital had made alternative arrangements for Mortuary Services.

Minister Isola also said the Government and not the GHA had commissioned an expression of Interest exercise for a Funeral Home to be sited near the North front cemetery, and that it was too early to determine if it would be privately managed or not.