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30th June 2020, 19:55

The Chief Minister invites organisers of yesterday’s “Open Your Eyes” demonstration to discuss issues raised

The Chief Minister has invited the organisers of yesterday’s “Open Your Eyes” demonstration to a meeting to discuss the issues they raised.

Fabian Picardo has told the organisers he does not agree with many of the positions they have set out in their letter to him, but that he respects their right to hold those views and demonstrate in support of them.

Mr Picardo tells the organisers the GSLP/Liberal government considers itself to be ‘of the People and by the People’, something of which it is proud and from which it will not resile.

The Chief Minister claims the demonstration was supported by some elected members of the GSD and some members of Together Gibraltar, despite the fact that the points raised run counter to some of the explicit policies of those parties, saying they seem to be trying to politicise the demonstration for partisan ends.

He hopes those attending the demo and those watching the scenes in the media will have seen through this. FabianPicardo says he's sure that when he meets with members of the group, if they have an open mind, they will understand what the Government is doing, why it's doing it and the direct mandate it has to do these things, having obtained more than half again the votes of the other political parties standing at the last election.

The Chief Minister says the Government takes its mandate seriously and will never let the People of Gibraltar down, even though it accepts it cannot please everyone all of the time.