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17th July 2015, 14:28

Chief Minister at University of Cadiz summer courses inauguration

Published by GBC News

The Chief Minister has attended the inauguration of the 35th edition of the summer courses offered by the University of Cadiz in San Roque. The course was entitled "Spain, Foreign Action and Cooperation with Gibraltar and Morocco".

Fabian Picardo addressed the students, together with the Mayor of San Roque and Senior Vice President of the Cadiz regional Government, Juan Carlos Ruiz Boix. The former President of the Cadiz Regional Government, Rafael Roman, former Senator, Jose Carracao, and former Mayor of La Linea, Juan Carmona, were also present.

Mr Picardo pledged his support for cooperation and said it was good to see that family and friendship bonds remained intact despite political differences.

The Chief Minister lamented that there had not been a meeting with the Mancomunidad over the last three and half years as well as the lack of a tax information exchange agreement with Spain.