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16th September 2021, 20:29

Chief Minister welcomes GSD MP Roy Clinton & his colleagues agreeing to pay difference in costs for short haul flights

The Chief Minister has welcomed the fact that GSD MP Roy Clinton and his colleagues have agreed to pay the difference in costs for short haul flights that he says were overpriced.

It follows a call by the GSD this week for the Government to make savings in official travel expenses. The Government said it already has established practices that help reduce travel costs to the taxpayer, accusing the opposition of a cheap publicity stunt.

Fabian Picardo says the policy of the Government is independent from the policy of the Parliament and of the Gibraltar Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, accusing Mr Clinton of confusing these.

In a statement, the Government says its travel costs in 2018 and 2019 reflect the intensity of the schedule and the volume of work involved in the negotiations for Gibraltar’s departure from the European Union.