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11th July 2019, 21:02

Choice Gibraltar heartened by UK Parliament vote to liberalise Northern Ireland abortion laws

Earlier today, Choice Gibraltar said it was heartened to hear that equal marriage and abortion are set to be legislated on in Northern Ireland.

The pro-choice group said it agrees wholeheartedly with Labour MP Stella Creasy, who introduced the bill and who said it means "everyone in the UK deserves to be treated as an equal".

Choice Gibraltar says residents of Gibraltar should have the same human rights, adding "women's health should never be a matter for the criminal courts".

It says it looks forward to the abortion bill finally being introduced to Parliament in Gibraltar, adding it hopes it's extended to decriminalise abortion.

The group adds it also hopes women are provided with appropriate support and information - to enable them to make the correct decision for their personal circumstances, and in receiving comprehensive health care.