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6th December 2017, 21:10

Civil Service vacancies highlighted in Parliament

Commissioner of Income Tax, Accountant General and Assistant Principal Auditor are among the vacant posts in the civil service; there are also a number of temporary promotions, including the Director of Education as senior administrator at Number Six. This was confirmed in Parliament today by Minister Joe Bossano in response to questions from independent Opposition MP, Lawrence Llamas.

The GSD’s Roy Clinton asked when the posts of Commisioner of Income Tax and Accountant General would be filled permanently, highlighting that these are important roles. 

Mr Bossano said over the past year, 11 out of 23 young offenders who’d signed onto a Government programme for rehabilation and employment had found work. This was in response to questions from the new Leader of the Opposition, Elliott Phillips.

In response to the GSD’s Trevor Hammond, the Chief Minister said the draft of the new public service code, to replace General Orders, was at an advanced stage, and will be submitted to trade unions in the new year for a final consultation ahead of its introduction.

And following questions from the GSD’s Edwin Reyes, on the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra’s show commemorating the 1967 referendum, Fabian Picardo said unfortunately, it was too costly and impractical for the orchestra to rehearse with a local conductor or soloist. The Chief Minister announced that over £12,500 was to be donated to Calpe House from ticket sales, adding the concert will be available on DVD and digital download soon.