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19th September 2021, 14:23

Clean Up the World sees 500 volunteers work across 26 sites, clearing debris and picking up litter

The annual Clean Up the World event saw about 500 volunteers work across 26 sites, clearing debris and picking up litter.

Schools, businesses, NGOs and government departments worked together to tackle shorelines, revetments, underwater sites, open water and various green habitats throughout our Nature Reserve. They removed plastics and other non-biodegradable waste.

The Environmental Safety Group (ESG), organisers of Clean Up the World in Gibraltar, said the volunteers managed to fill several truckloads. A spokesperson said the day had ended with “many positive stories, some frustrations over the litter found, and lessons learnt”.

The Royal Gibraltar Regiment supported the clean up, with two deployments. One to the Buffadero Area and the other to the Seven Sisters beach (pictured).

The ESG has thanked everyone who took part and those who supported the campaign. “Our volunteers displayed great civic pride and care for our beautiful environment and that is priceless”.

The organisers will now go through the teams’ feedback and expect to release a more detailed account of the actions taken and the campaign’s current aims very soon.

Meanwhile, the Department of the Environment thanked the ESG for their commitment, dedication and passion year on year, as well as all the volunteers who took part.