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19th May 2017, 20:25

CM "really needs to calm down" says GSD

The GSD has reacted to comments by the Chief Minister that it’s trying to undermine it, saying Fabian Picardo “really needs to calm down”. The Opposition’s Deputy Leader says anyone who’s followed the Brexit debate in the House of Commons would have witnessed very healthy and heated exchanges, without resorting to nonsense about undermining the Country or Government. Roy Clinton believes Mr Picardo should exercise greater care and restraint in the public statements he makes. Statements that a hard brexit will not affect us because 94% of our business is with the UK and not Europe, and that we’re preparing for a hard brexit as if it were inevitable, he says, are not going to help us.

Mr Clinton adds, the GSD will continue to hold the Government to account on what is a critical matter for the future of Gibraltar.