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16th September 2020, 20:25

​Conspiracy to defraud case adjourned due to computer system glitch

A court case in which three men have been charged with conspiracy to defraud has been adjourned till Thursday to allow an error arising from a computer glitch on the Police's Central system to be resolved.

Thomas John Cornelio, John Christopher Perez and Caine Derek Sanchez are charged with conspiracy to defraud Bland Limited. It is alleged that the defendants dishonestly undermined the ability of Bland Limited to perform its contractual agreement with the Government of Gibraltar in connection with the National Security Central Intelligence System maintenance agreement in order to benefit for themselves and/or 36 North Limited.

Mr Sanchez is represented by Andrew Cardona, and Mr Perez and Mr Cornelio by Robert Fischel QC.

The matter will now come before the court on Thursday at 2.30pm